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Popular Cheating Techniques used in Poker Games

Cheating is a common phenomenon in poker. Since poker is one of the best casino games to play, there are also many poker players who cheat in order to gain an unfair advantage. Casinos suffer huge losses every year because of these players. Some techniques are easily deciphered and some are used only by expert poker players. Avoiding house fees, peeking at another player’s cards and shorting the pot are some of the most common and frequently used cheating methods in poker.

Here are some other cheating methods in poker games…


Collusion is a common cheating method in poker where two or more players form a group to gain advantage on the poker table by revealing their cards to each other. It requires strong non verbal cues and a well choreographed execution.  

Sleight of Hand

Magicians attract the audience’s attention with the phrase “The Hand is Quicker Than The Eye.” But this the technique has been adopted by poker players who use it to cheat in poker and win substantial amounts from their opponents.

It takes years of practice and perseverance to master the sleight of hand, but once someone becomes an expert, it can be quite lucrative. Most aren’t aware that people who practice sleight of hand hold their cards differently. It is called the Mechanic’s Grip. It is meant to hide a deck of cards in the perpetrator’s hand while they are dealing from another deck. This technique is also used in other poker cheats like bottom deal, false shuffling, and card peek.

Some other popular methods of cheating are preparing the deck, marking cards, ling, and hand misinterpretation. These are more or less impossible in a real casino though. Almost all casinos have video surveillance systems, allowing security personnel to spot cheaters at a moment’s notice.

Luckily, there are also methods to prevent falling prey to cheats whether it’s online or in a traditional casino.

First, don’t play with strangers, or if you do, watch them closely. Cut the deck before the deal yourself. Swap out decks regularly. While playing online poker games customer support is the best avenue to report possible cheating. Immediately send an email to the site should you experience any doubtful or suspicious activity.

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