• Friday , 23 February 2018

Beating the House at Online Roulette

When playing roulette, like every other casino game, it is imperative to know the rules before committing your money to real play. Let’s start by stating why roulette odds are better when you wager cash on multiple numbers instead of just picking red, black, 0, 00 or one number at a time.

How to Play Roulette Online 

The variation between the American and European roulette wheel is the single green pocket numbered zero, present in European wheel. The American roulette table contains green zero pockets and a green double zero pocket, making the two pockets range from zero or double zero to thirty-six.

A bet is placed on any of these numbers by each player. The dealer (croupier) spins the wheel after and drops a white ball on the spinning wheel. The balls end up in a pocket which becomes the winning number. You can increase your chance of winning by betting on a single color for each spin.

Since winning on roulette depends mostly on luck, it is advisable to go for casinos that offer a bonus. This can insure you a bit from total loss in case game odds go the other way. It will help you recoup some of your money.

Here are a few tips to observe when playing roulette:

  • Adequately research the casino you are joining and get your facts first. Know what the house edge is and make a smart choice.
  • Understand what the terms and conditions say. Ignorance of this piece of information can cost you your winnings.
  • Focus on the fun and keep in mind that your play will come with gains and losses.

Don’t let your losses get to you and don’t assume that your next game will be a win. Good luck!

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